Best Way to Make a Cover Template Design in a Minute

Fellas! You don’t need to be a designer just for designing a cover. Or, you don’t need to create a book just for creating a cover. I mean, a cover is not always related to a book, professional documents or something like that as you can design a cover anytime you need it. Not to mention, you are a student and have a daily journal which keep your daily schedule, tasks and so on. Then, if you want to make it impressing you can use its first page as its cover. Practically, you design it in a simple way with the simple tools.

If you are looking for a cover template design ideas which using the simple tools and design but still looks impressive, you are on a perfect page. Yes, we are going to show you the simple Cover Template Design which designed using the very simple and affordable tools. We believe in that our readers are more creative than us so will re-create it with your own ideas. So, enjoy reading!

What is Cover Template?

Cover is commonly known as a first page or an opening page of a book, journal, reports or any types of written works. A cover explains what the book or report talks about, who the author is or even a short description of a book, journal or report. To make it impressive, cover should be colourful which has some pictures or unique word fonts. But again, it relates to the topics or ideas of the book.

In this post, we are going to show you our simple cover template design. Like its name, the cover template means the simplest cover design which is changeable for other ideas or topics. To ease your work, you can use our Cover Template design and change the title, colours or pictures based on your work’s ideas.

Is a Cover Important?

Yes! We can claim that cover is really important part of a book, journal, report or anything else. It is the first thing that your readers see before they explore your whole books or reports. So that’s why, you need to design it as well as possible that covers the resuming ideas of your whole book.

If you have ever heard a statements that don’t judge book by its cover, no we can definitely say that that statement is wrong, In fact, most people or prospective readers will look at your cover first and assume the whole book’s idea. If they think it is interesting or make them curious, they will continue reading it and vice versa.

What Must Include in Cover Template?

There are some main parts that you should not miss when you create a cover template. And, here they are:

  • The title
  • The information of the subject, author, organization, company or so on
  • Short description
  • And, Pictures.

How to Design a Cover Template in a Minute?

So here we go! You have understood that a cover is very important to show the quality of your book or journal. Remember, you have to complete your cover with the information based on what we have explained before. Then, you can follow these step by step:

  • Step 1# Find the Inspiration or Ideas of your cover

First of all, you can look for the ideas or inspiration about a cover template design. If you make it for personal use and not for business, it may depend on you and you probably should not need to do a difficult research to decide the ideas.

But if you do it for business, you may look for the ideas and samples at first. Simply, you can look at Google, Social Media, Magazines, other books and many more. Or, if you work it as a client request, you can ask her/him what they want see on the cover.

  • Step 2# Prepare the Tools

The second step is about preparing the tools. Special for this case, we are going to use the very simple tools as you don’t need to do it online. On the other works, you don’t need any software, apps and so on to make a cover.  Meanwhile, you can prepare a piece of bright paper, any types of writing tool, ruler and maybe some pencil colors or crayon.

  • Step 3# Make a Pattern

Now, you can start making a pattern of your cover background. I mean, if you want to add some words, lines or frames, you can start it now. Yes, please use your ruler to make it straight and tidy.

  • Step 4# Write down the Title

The first thing you should write is about the title of the book. You can use the big size of font and point it at the centre of the cover. Don’t add any details because you need to highlight the title of your book.

  • Step 5# Put the Author’s Information

For the next, you can add the author’s information. Somehow, you only need to mention the name with a smaller size font than your title font. But, it is important to make the author’s name clearly seen by the readers.

  • Step 6# Give the Additional Information

And then, you can give the additional information. For example, you can make the chapter lists, short description, quotes and many more.

  • Step 7# Add Pictures

To make it impressive, you can add picture/s on your cover letter. You can put them at the button-right or left side of the covers. Please make sure that your picture does not cover the information on the cover template.

  • Step 8# Give Colours (Optional)

For the rest, you can make your cover template more interesting with some colours. Even, it is optional based on your topic or preferences.

Alright! It is all about Cover Template Design. We hope that our sample is useful for you. Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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