All About Biography Template You Should Know

Are you familiar with William Shakespeare’s Biography? Even you don’t read the whole biography; most of you have been familiar with it. Yes, it is commonly found at the back side of a book which tells the author’s life story or even certain important people. Some of you may be a writer then need to write it for the motivational purposes. And, here you should stay. We are going to discuss about Biography Template and the most common thing you should know. So, here we go!

What is Biography Template?

A biography template is a form to write biography. Then, Biography itself, is a description of a person’s life including the factual details as well as the person’s life stories. Somehow, a biography will tell the information about the subject’s personality, motivation and other kinds of intimate details related to the subject’s life.

It commonly tells about the people who are famous such as heroes, politician, actors, athletes, musician and many more. Or, it also can tell about people who have a super incredible live but were not necessarily well-known. A biography can be an authorized if the person who has been being written about, family members gave permission for the author to write it.

Difference between Biography and Autobiography

Anyway, there are two different forms that are related to biography. It is the Autobiography. Even it looks similar, either Biography or Autobiography is slightly different. Biography is a description of person’s life who is not the writer’s own. There is a ghost writer who employed to make a description of someone. He or she can work in group or even individually to create this description.  Meanwhile, autobiography is description of author or writer’s own.

How do I Write a Biography?

Well, it is the best time to start writing a biodata. Yes, there are some tips that maybe helpful to write a good biography in a minute. And, here the tips are:

  • Tip 1# Write the Name

First of all, it should be clear to state the subject’s name at the top side of the paper. It is important to make the name obvious and ease the readers to know who will be talked about.

  • Tip 2# Start with the Subject’s Family Information

Before going deeply to the subject’s motivation, personality, vision and mission as well, it is better to start your biography with the basic information of the subject. And, the basic one can be about the family information. For example, it talks about where the subject was born, who the father and mother are, the wife, child and many more.

  • Tip 3# Continue with Talking about Experiences

Then, the next chapter is about the subject’s experiences. It is related to the story that you want to highlight. It can be the work experiences, educations, love story, how he or she’s struggling, the efforts and many more.

  • Tip 4# Going Deeper with the Motivational Story

When you have done with the stories, you can add the motivational thoughts of the subjects. Even, you can add your own words and relate it to the current situation. Despite of the motivational story, you can add some vision or mission, the target and the tips how the subject can success reaching her or his dream.

  • Tip 5# Be Honest, Simple and Interesting

Remember that you are writing about someone’s story so you have to be honest on it. You need to use the simple languages but make it interesting so the readers can be easily get the points and ideas.

What are Parts of Biography Template?

Basically, a biography consists a lot of paragraphs because some types of biography tell the whole story of person’s life. But, it can be consist of only three paragraphs. This type is commonly found at a back side of a book, research, or journal. Although the length of biography is various, all of them has the same parts which were the exact rule of a biography template. Well, here the parts of biography:

  • The Heading

It tells the personal and basic information of the subject. For example, it places the subject’s complete name at the top side of the page. Then, it is followed with the basic information likewise family member details, the appearances and the hobbies.

  • Body

The second part of biography tells the whole story of author’s life. It includes the story how the subjects can achieve her or his dream, how the subjects struggles with the life, the vision and mission, motivation, ideas and many more.

  • Closing

For the rest, the closing is the conclusion of the whole biography template. It tells the author’s opinion about the subject. Or, it may be the messages that the author or the subject want to share to the readers. Of course, it is placed at the last paragraph.

Alright! It is all about biography template. Now, you can start practicing by writing a biography about your favorited people. If you are difficult to think who the person is, it can be your parent. They are such as a hero in your life and it will be interesting to write and discuss about.

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