How to Write a Motivation Letter for Scholarship Step by Step?

What is a Motivation Letter?

Motivation letters are documents that are often submitted as a condition for applying for scholarships, applying for work, internships or others. The content of the motivation letter is the way you think, the life goals you have. For example, if you apply for a scholarship program, what must be included in the motivation letter is the potential you have.

The type of motivation letter used in applying for the scholarship must have your background in life, education and reasons why you chose the scholarship, future prospects and what contributions you can make. All you can make in the form of writing that is short, concise and clear without being complicated.

What are the Motivation Letter Contents?

The main content of the motivation letter has some points that you need to know. Before you start creating one, it is important that you understand the whole things you need to put down on the letter. Here you are:

  • Content #1: Write down Who You are

You should write and explain the things that made you who you are today, and describe who you are today.

  • Content #2: Write Down Your Reasons

They should be the reasons why you want to continue your education to the next level of study, namely a master’s or PhD. You should not hyperbole the reasons as you just have to make them honest and logic.

  • Content #3: What Motivates You

This is going to be the main point why you are writing the letter. In this case, you should mention these things, and why you want to study or study hard work and so on.

  • Content #4: Reasons You Choose the Country

And then, you should mention the reasons why did you choose a country, for example Netherlands, as a destination for continuing your studies?

  • Content #5: Why You Chose the Scholarship

You need to start questioning on why did you choose a particular scholarship program in that country? It is better that you make it brief but detail.

Steps to Create a Motivation Letter to Apply for a Scholarship

So, you have got the insight about the contents that you have to put down on your motivational letter. In case you are ready to start writing, you can try to follow these steps:

  • Step #1: Take time to think

In this first step, you can figure out about yourself, your goals, and your skills. It  is good that you make some points in order to help you to manage in your writing.

  • Step #2: Reflect on the Educational Background

And then, you can type the educational backgrounds that you have taken. They are including the major you have taken, as well as how that background makes you a suitable candidate or worthy of the course you are applying for.

  • Step #3: Think and Write Your Professional Goals

A good motivational letter should include your goals. Simply, you just have to be honest in mentioning what you want to achieve, and explain why these career goals are related to the course you are applying for.

  • Step #4: State Your Future Career Plans

A good motivational letter is not always talking about education and scholarship. Besides, you need to mention your future plans. No doubt, it is good to explain why the study program you are applying for will support your career plans.

  • Step #5: Mention the Course

Never forget that the career plan section requires your details. It means that you should explain why exactly you chose the college or university you are going to and the particular course of your choice.

  • Step #6: Write Down Your Next Contribution

And, the last but not least, it is all about what contribution you can make, also for the course you are applying for. You are going t make a good one if you close the letter with powerful words and impressive ones.

So, that is everything you need to know about a Motivation Letter for Scholarship. There is a bunch of motivational letter types that you can also learn to write. You can enjoy checking out other posts and hope you guys like them ^^

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