How to Create a Simple Note Template

Not all things can be remembered by the human head, that’s why they record every event or meeting in a small book or notebook. Through notes, they find a way to achieve success. Everybody needs to make a simple note template for every huge works or studies. Note template helps you highlighting the main topic of studies. There are some tips to make you easier making a simple note template through offline notes, online as well as through Microsoft word. So, here they are!

What is Note Template?

Note Template is the short ideas or the main ideas of the whole works or studies which is important to be remembered. It is commonly one or two sentences or lists which are highlight the things you must do in the future. Somehow, you can keep your note to any places for example on your phone, laptop, tablets or even any books or piece of paper.

What are the Benefits of Making a Note Template?

Well, there are some benefits of making a note template and here they are:

  • Sharpen Memory

When attending a lecture or meeting class, there is definitely an explanation given to you. However, some of these explanations are forgotten. Sitting too long without having anything to do also reduce the memory capacity of the brain.

By taking notes while listening to explanations, it turns out that you can train the senses of hearing and the brain to work together. Writing something that you hear can sharpen memory. There will never be a word forget because you have put in a note that can be opened again when forgotten or needed.

  • Stimulate the Brain Well

Thinking then rewriting or taking notes is the best way to train the brain work. When writing, our right and left brains come to work. So, it can stimulate a good brain because the balance is maintained. Our memory can also be honed to process the explanations of what we hear or tasks that have to be done into words and language that are written in sentences on our notes.

  • Be on time

Have you ever been late or forgot your appointment? If you experience this a lot, you really should start getting used to taking notes and marking up a calendar. If you get used to taking notes like that, you will become a punctual person.

  • Be organized

Our lifestyle will automatically change to become more orderly if we are diligent in writing notes. Regularly doing everything without being left behind and forgotten by looking back at our writing on that note. This is especially useful for the next hour or even the next few days, when going to do something or discuss a lot of things.

  • Achieving Success

Catharine M. Cox, a book writer, has studied the habits of three hundred geniuses, including Isaac Newton, Einstein, and Thomas Jefferson. The three of them are journal writers or people who are diligent in writing in notebooks. Thomas Edison also wrote three million pages of notes, letters and personal thoughts in hundreds of personal journals throughout his life. So, this proves that being diligent in writing notes will make it easier for us to achieve success.

How do I Create a Note Template?

Squad, how do you usually take notes in class? Do you use a mind map or use lots of colours to make it easier for you to remember? So, there is one note-taking technique that is considered more effective and efficient, especially when you are preparing for an exam. Yep, this technique is called the Cornell note-taking technique. This method of recording has been created since the 1950s by Prof. Walter Pauk from Cornell University. Come on, leave messy notes that give you a headache and practice the following Cornell techniques.

  • Divide your notepad into thirds

Draw a line that divides your note paper into thirds. First, draw a horizontal line 5 to 6 lines from the bottom of the paper. It’s a good idea to draw the lines with a pen or marker that is thick enough so that you can see the boundaries clearly. Then, make a vertical line about 5 cm long from the left. This vertical line should extend from the horizontal line at the bottom of the note you made earlier to the top of the paper.

  • The largest column for writing the notes you need

The Cornell method of note-taking technique requires you to use concise sentences. So, you have to be good at sorting and only jotting down points that are really important. The column on the right side with the largest space is the main area for you to note the material being studied.

Don’t use long sentences or write down everything the teacher says. Try to write in your own sentence or you can use symbols for certain terms. To make your notes more concise, you can also make a mind map in this column.

  • Small column on the left to record keywords or questions

Furthermore, in the small column on the left, you can write key words related to the material that has been written. In addition, you can also use this small column to record foreign terms that you just know. For example, you are studying Mathematics about Statistics. In the column on the left, you can write foreign terms related to the material, such as “median”, “quartile”, “deviation”, and others. This column will allow you to see an outline of the topic.

  • The bottom column is to write a conclusion

In this section you have to make a conclusion in the form of the main essence of the material being studied. Well, maybe you have rarely done this before, Squad. But with this Cornell method you are forced to re-review or review the topics that you have studied. To do this, sum up the things that you have recorded in the notes and keywords column, then make a conclusion. That way, you can master the material better.

In fact, when you take notes you don’t just rely on your brain to remember the material being studied, but also involve your hands in the learning process. That way, you can also remember lessons more strongly.

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