Tips to Write a Good Accountant Cover Letter

Friends! Are you an Accountant Specialist? Or, have you recently graduated from Accounting Major Studies? Sure, being a professional accountant of a prestigious company is a dream of every Accounting’s graduate even we have to face the hard competition with both fresh graduates and the expert. Thus, it does not matter to share your skill and accounting knowledge on a startup company as you still have a high chance to build your career.

At this time, let’s forget whether you apply for a prestigious company or at a startup. Then, the main thing you must prepare is about to write the good accountant letter and build your portfolio to attract the HRD where you are applying for. What good news! This article will discuss about Accountant Letter and share the step by step to arrange a good accountant letter. Either an expert or fresh graduate can apply this form and practice it on their letter. With no talk too much, let’s start the discussion!

What is Accountant Letter?

Before getting closer to the steps and tips to get the accounting position, it is better to know the definition of Accountant Letter. Well, Accountant Letter basically is a Cover Letter or Application Letter to apply an accounting position. In line with cover letter in general, Accountant Letter also consists of some parts such as opening, main letter and the closing as well. Even, each part has the specification which is related to accounting’s major and skill.

What must include in Accountant Letter?

Like we have mentioned before, Accountant Letter have the similar details and composition with the Cover Letter in general. There are some parts that you must put to declare how strong your intention and ability to be the suitable candidate for the accounting position. And, here some things you must include on your Accountant Letter:

  • Your Educational background information
  • Previous experience as an accountant or financial planners from your previous job or organization
  • Previous achievements as an accountant
  • Duties or projects
  • Skill-set which related to accounting job
  • Personal characters that will support the accounting job

What Need to Prepare before Writing an Accountant Letter?

Great! Please make sure that you have made a list of the skills and experience that you can use to build up your Accountant Letter. Once you have done with the list, you should remember that there are some other things which are important on your letter. And, here the things are:

  • First of all, you have to prepare the device where you are going to write down the letter. At this time, most recruitment will ask the digital data instead of the hard file. Sure, you have to ensure that you have prepared your device such as computer, laptop or even tablet.
  • Second of all, it is funny if you prepare the device without checking the tool to type the Application letter. Basically, you can use Microsoft Word on any types. Even, you can download the interesting Accountant Letter Templates for any sources. It will be more attractive with the colours, fresh template as well as ease you to fill the required information.
  • Third of all, you have to remember that Accountant Letter has the same basic rule with the general cover letter. In this case, you have to be careful with the font, space and margin. As usual, you can use the Times New Roman with 10-12 font size, use a single space and 1” margin.
  • For the next, you must be careful with the length of paragraph. A good consultant letter must be not over than four paragraphs. Of course, your sentences must be simple, clear, and readable as well as covers all important parts of the letters such as your skill-set, education background and experience.
  • Then, it will be important to check the grammatical errors and language use. Just be sure that you use the formal language and avoid the use of slang and the inappropriate punctuation. In case to check any grammatical errors, you can use any grammatical check tools such as Grammar and many more.
  • For the rest, you are better to use the proofreading to check your complete accountant letter format, words and coherence. You can ask the third parties such as your friend or partner to read your letter and check the mistakes. Before they do their job, you need to pay attention with your letter by reading it for a couple times.

How to Write a Good Accounting Letter for Accounting Position?

Alright, you have prepared all things that will be useful to write Accountant Letter Template. Now, it is great to start the process while you can directly practice the step by step and get your dream accounting job position. Friends! Here the steps are:

  • Step 1: Prepare the Device

As always, you have to switch on your personal computer, laptop or even tablet to type the Consultant Letter templates. In this case, you can choose the basic tool such as Microsoft Word. Like we have mentioned before, you can set the basic font such as Times New Roman font 10-12, margin 1” and single space.

  • Step 2: Write down your personal information

For the next, you can set the header of the page with your personal information. Here, you can write down your complete name, address, active phone number as well as the email. Just be sure that your phone number is reachable anytime.

  • Step 3: Mention the date

To write down the date, month and year, you can choose to put it on the right or left margin side. Just make sure that it is on the straight line with the following paragraph. Don’t forget to pay attention with your punctuation.

  • Step 4: Write down the recipient’s details.

Then, you need to write down the recipient’s details such as name of manager or the person in charge of this recruitment, company’s address, phone number and the email account. It is better for doing research for the manager’s name or the person in charge because it makes more personal instead of stating the word Mr/Mrs Manager. It looks that you are interest with the company. To write this information, you can choose the left or right margin side at the same line with the following paragraph.

  • Step 5: Give the Salutation

Sure, you have to salute your letter’s recipients. It is a warm greeting to start talking to the recipient. Generally, you can use the word Dear Mr.x.

  • Step 6: Start the first paragraph

After that, you can start your first paragraph. In this case, you can state the general information why you are interested to apply for the job. Also, you can state the detail about where you can get the information about the job.

  • Step 7: Continue to the next paragraph

Like we have mentioned before, you are better to write down up to four paragraphs. After completing the first paragraph, you can continue to the next ones. At this part, you can state your previous education background, the skill-set as well as the previous work experience or social organization’s experience.

Of course, it should be related to the Accounting or financial job duties. If you have succeeded completing an accounting projects, task or programs at the previous company, you can tell them on these paragraphs. Again, please pay attention with the word order, coherence, goals and the simple word choices.

  • Step 8: Close the paragraph

At the rest of whole paragraph, you can end your letter with your positive though and hopes for the company. Also, you can resume your skill and combine it with your hopes and contribution to the company. State it wisely with the strong motivation and positive ideas.

  • Step 9: Closing and Signature

At last, you can close the letter with the closing salutation. Here you can use the formal salutation such as Sincerely, Best Regards, Regards, Respectfully and many more. Give some space below the salutation and you can write down your signature or complete name.

Resume Tips for the Experienced Accounting Professionals

In general, our steps above can be used both of fresh graduates and the experts of Accountant. Even, there are some simple tips that you can use as the expert to build up your personal skill, achievements that makes your Accountant Letter more attractive. And, here the tips are:

  • Tip 1: Check your skill

Friends, you should remember that you have to be specific in writing your accountant letter. Yes, you have to check your skill lists and choose them which are related to the Accountant position. For example, you are better to write down the skill of attention to detail, good in financial planning instead of friendly or hard working.

  • Tip 2: Showcase your Experience Rightly

The second tip is about to brainstorm your experience with the simple language. Within four or five sentences, you have to try to tell your previous accounting job experiences. Sure, if you are the expert, you should have one or even more success projects or daily task. Tell them your progress and build the trust on your ability.

  • Tip 3: Write your professional experience properly

And then, you should remember that you should be wise when telling your experience. Sure, you have to select them based on the quality of the projects and which one is the most related to your accounting job. Don’t make it too long because the HR will generally read the points of experiences.

What is Accountant Letter in a Business?

In a business field, Accountant Letter also called as an Auditor Opinion. It is a written statement which describe the auditor’s independent measurement and the qualified evaluation of the completeness and accuracy of company’s financial practices and statements. Sure, it will be done by the third part which will evaluate the company’s financial records and performance with the exact General Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAP).


And, it is all about Accountant Letter Template, Tips and step by step. We hope that you can practice this template and start writing your letter as soon as possible. It will be glad to hear you succeed getting your dream accounting job position. Don’t hesitate to write down your reply and share your suggestion for the our better performance. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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