Steps to Write a Professional Motivation Letter

Guys! How are you? I hope you are good and still be motivated to reach any purposes of life. One of your purposes right now probably is going to a university that you have been dream about for a long time. Well, a good-written motivation letter may help you reach your dream and be the part of management or organization where you want to apply for. This letter is able to convince hiring and admissions managers to call or invite you for an interview. And as always, we are here to help you fixing out the problems that you may get on writing a motivation letter. So, get ready and enjoy reading!

What is Motivation Letter?

Motivation Letter or Motivational Letter or some people call it as Statement of Purpose is a document that gives the detail information about your professional skills, reasons and ideas for applying for a course, job, scholarship or even a volunteer program. This letter will accompanies your other documents such as application letter, resume, transcript, certificate and many more. Like we have mentioned before, motivation letter is not always used for a paid job application but also can be used to apply for scholarship, entering university and so on.

What are the Differences between Motivation Letter and Cover Letter?

Although it seems same but between Motivation and Cover letter is different. They definitely can be used interchangeably. But, they are different in the case of purpose. Motivation Letter is specifically used to apply for a university or scholarship while cover letter is specifically used to apply for a job.

The other tern which somehow related to Motivation Letter is personal statement letter. Well, there type of letter is totally different. The differences are on the length of the letter is supposed to be and its attention. Personal statements will be more personal and highlight something in the past. Meanwhile, Motivation Letter has some elements which focused on the future plans. If you have to put your previous achievement at Motivation Letter, it can be used as a prove that you are commit with your motivation and statement as it matches with your future goals.

What Need to Prepare to Write a Motivation Letter?

Before writing a motivation letter, you should prepare all supporting documents that will be used as the requirements to apply for a school or university. Of course, the University’s profiles will be important to know before starting writing this type of letter. You cannot finish this motivational letter in a couple of hours while you have to do research and preparation in some days before.

Sure, you can access the university’s official website or social media to know all details about the registration process. Just be sure that you are matched with all of those qualifications, then prepare all documents that you may need to send. For the next, you can do a brainstorming of the ideas and reason why you have to be the part of that university. So, if all has been ready, you can start writing your motivation letter.

How do You Write a Motivational Letter?

Alright! You have completed all preparation and we guess that you have been ready with your writing tools or electronic device to write a motivational letter. And yes, you are right to get what you want and dream about. Here the step by step you can do to write a motivation letter:

  • Step 1# Write an Outline

We have mentioned before that you are obligated to make an outline before writing a whole motivation letter. This outline will ease you to write sentences by sentences and arrange it into a good paragraph. As always, this outline should explain the reason why you want to apply in the university, your skills that may be useful for the university, as well as the reasons why you are interested in the university.

  • Step 2# Write an Introduction

For the next, you can start writing the introduction. In this case, you can make a letter head by giving the information about your complete name, home address, email and active phone numbers. Of course, you must ensure that you give the correct information. Then, you can add the date and day when you write the letter.

The next information is the detail of recipients. To make it more personal, you have to look for the information of the name of people who take in charge on the registration process. Once it has completed, you don’t forget to give formal salutation.

  • Step 3# Expand the Outline

Then, you can expand the points in your outline to form your motivation letter’s body. Take a new paragraph for every new topic. Remember, your motivation letter aims to convince your recipient of your value, so use compelling facts to be persuasive. You can make two or three paragraphs to expand the outlines. Please be specific on the ideas that you need to say.

  • Step 4# Conclude the Letter

Once you have completed the opening and outlines of the letter, you can conclude it with the goals and leave the positive final impression. In this case, you can say thank to the recipients for considering your application. Of course, you can encourage them to contact you as soon as they have questions.

  • Step 5# Close your Letter

For the rest, you can close your letter with the formal closing salutation and end it with your complete name and signature.

Guys, it is better to proofread your motivation letter to make it more concise and professional. You can ask your friend to check your spelling, grammatical errors or even awkward phrasing.

Great! You have passed all basic details about Motivation Letter. We are so appreciated your time to stay here and read our whole information. Now, it is your time to practice writing your letter an reach what you have dream about. Anyway, thanks for reading and best luck!