Steps to Write a Professional Medical Letter

Every people get sick and probably misses a day or two of work or study from time to time. For sure, you have right to do it and it is important to let your employer know your condition as soon as possible. In case you feel a situation when you need an extended permission to leave of work or study so you will need to prepare a medical letter to explain your condition to your teachers or employers. Well, this day, we are going to discuss about a medical letter tips and share you the simple step by step process to make a professional letter. Enjoy reading!

What is Medical Letter?

A medical letter is a letter which is written by a physician or doctors that explains about a medical’s information or condition of a patient. This letter is addressed to an institution, personal, company and so on to inform that a patient should absence for certain period of time. Of course, stating the reasons of absence is sufficient in this case. However, it is always a safe option to keep one for yourself to avoid unnecessary problems. And if you are a physician who is looking to write a medical letter for your patients, you can check out Medical Letter Templates.

What are the Purposes of Medical Letter?

It’s ideal to give your chief a heads up before officially presenting your medical leave letter. Tell your manager you might want to talk, so you can examine your leave in private. Your boss and HR office can assist you with the cycle, as each organization has their own medical leave strategy. Obviously this is all dependent upon you knowing ahead of time that you will be taking a medical leave, which you may not.

If there should be an occurrence of an unexpected disease or medical circumstance, focus on it to call and let your supervisor realize you won’t be in. At that point you can start your conventional medical leave letter. Regardless of whether it’s required or not, explicitly stating your solicitation is a decent method to ensure yourself, by making a record of what unfolded.

What are the Steps to Write a Professional Medical Letter?

Great! It is your time to practice writing a professional medical letter. Then, you can prepare your electronic device and run the Microsoft office app or you can use a piece or paper and any writing tools as a trial. And, here the steps are:

  • Step 1# Make Heading

First of all, it is a necessary to put a professional heading on your medical letter. This heading consists of the information about your institution as a physician or doctors. It completes with your name, address and contact details.

  • Step 2# State the Date

Second of all, you have to mention the date, month and year when you write down this medical letter. Of course, it should be the day when a patient visits you to check his/her medical condition.

  • Step 3# Give the Recipient’s Details

For the next, it is the information about to whom your letter is addressed. Sure, you have to know the detail of your patient’s institution such as office, school or organization. You can write down the name of person who take in charge or make it general if you don’t know them. Also, you can add some information such as office address and contact details.

  • Step 4# Give the Salutation

Because it is a type of formal letter, so you have to give the opening salutation using Dear Mr/Mrs.

  • Step 5# Write the Opening

It is the main part of your medical letter. In this case, you can start the information with the general information of the patient’s medical condition, the status with you as a physician as well as the time when the patients visit you.

  • Step 6# Mention the Length of Absence

After stating the general problem or medical condition of your patients, you can mention the main purposes of this letter. Yes, it is about to ask the permission to leave a work for certain period of time. Based on your preference, you can mention the length of absence that should be get by your patient. Sure, it is based on how serious your patient’s condition is.

  • Step 7# Make a Conclusion and Close the Letter

Well, you have completed the opening and mention the main purposes of your medical letter. Now, you can close it by making a simple conclusion of the treatment result as well as saying thanks for the attention and permission. You are able to add your plans to help your patient getting better as soon as possible so it may make the recipients feel calm.

  • Step 8# Give the Closing Salutation and Signature

For the rest, you can close the letter with the closing salutation. As always, you can use the word, Respectfully, Your Faithfully, and so on. Then, you can add your complete name with signature.

Alright, it is all about a professional medical letter. We hope that you can take the advantages and thanks for reading. See you soon!

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