Smart Ways to Write an Excellent Application Letter

Guys, are you applying for a new job this month? Sure, we wish you are lucky and get your dream job. Today, we have very good information for all of you who start applying a job. Yes, we are going to talk about Application Letter. It is a premier document for all the applicants. You may compete with numerous application letters just to get a job. Can you image how insane it is? So that’s why, you need smart ways to attract the human resources to read your letters instead of the others. How could it be and what need to do? Please stay tuned and enjoy reading!

What is Application Letter?

In line with the previous explanation, Application Letter is a premier document that must be prepared by all the applicants to apply for the opening job position. It is a formal letter which has the formal format and template which may be same among the people in this planet.

Even, Application Letter Template is same, most recruiters or human resources may read only a few received letters because of the company’s policies. So that’s why, it is so important to design the Application Letter Format as interactive as possible so it helps you, as the applicants, to continue to the next employment recruiting process.

How do I Write an Application Letter?

Perhaps the common question among the recruiters is about how to the make their applications letter different than others if the format and template is same. Well, the simple thing you can do is about to arrange and play with the words and sentences. The strong power to attract the human resource is about the way to promote your skill and competence to them.

Also, some supporting items may be helpful such as Colourful Application Letter Format through the online website or app. But again, the basic thing you can do is about to keep the formality and play with the words. Guys, we have several tips to make your Application Letter attractive. And, here the tips are:

  • Tip 1# Review all Company’s Detail

The first tip to attract the recruiter’s attention is about to show that you are interest with the company. Before writing the letter, you can research all information related with the company. Simply, you can visit its official website, social media account, catalogue, the senior or even from the opening job application information that you get from both online and offline media.

The information that you must know about the company, first, is about the name of company, address, contact details and its field of business. Sure, it is related to the opening job position that you are going to apply for. You need to know its general job description and duties, the specification as well as the things you should manage.

The second, you need to know the profile of the company, its vision as well as the mission. And the last is about the name of the person who takes in charge in the employment recruitment process. For your information, by addressing your application letter to the right person with stating her or his name, it makes your letter more personal and attractive. It shows that you are serious and interested to know about the company.

  • Tip 2# Use Professional Format

The second tip is about your Application Letter Format. We have mentioned before that application letter is a type of formal letter so it has the legal format which is same in all over the world. Sure, it is important for you to follow the rule to make your letters looks professional. In this case, you can use Times New Roman within 10-12 size, single space, one-inch margin as well as the left alignment. You have to make your job application letter short within only one page.

  • Tip 3# Create the Heading

The Job Application Letter is sent by the personal. Sure, you don’t have the company’s logo or business address. But yes, to make your letter professional, you need to put the header. In this part, you can write down your complete name, we recommend writing it using the upper size alphabet. Below the name, you can write down the complete address and the active phone number. Guys, you should ensure that your contact numbers are reachable anytime.

  • Tip 4# Address the Letter Properly

Like we have mentioned before, you need to the person who takes in charge on this job application process. It will make your letter more personal by stating the name of manager or the people who reviews your letter. But if you cannot find them, it is okay to make it more general by stating “Dear Hiring Manager”.

  • Tip 5# Describe your Interest

For the next, it is better to look confidence with your skill and competence. So, you should not hesitate to describe your interest on your letter. It can be the reasons why you are interested to apply for the job, what your skills are or even the goals that you have to achieve at the company.

  • Tip 6# Highlight Your Experiences

The next chapter of your application letter is about the paragraph where you can describe and highlight your experiences. Yes, you should be confidence to tell your previous work experiences, duties, achievements or even the educational experience background. Indeed, you are able to tell your previous organization experience. As long as those are related to the job you are applying for, it is okay to tell them all.

  • Tip 7# State your Personality and Skills

And then, you are able to state your aspects of personality and skills. Sure, you can make it relatable with the information which is required at the opening job information. Sure, by knowing this, the recruiter may think how great you fit with the team or company.

  • Tip 8# Use the Polite Words

Even you are free to express your personality, skills and experience on the letter, it does not mean that you can be arrogant. You need to use the friendly land polite language so the recruiter will engage with your letter.  Make it simple, short and realistic,

  • Tip 9# Close the Letter

For the rest, it is about the closing. At this part, you can mention your hopes to the company or recruiter. Then, you can express your gratitude for the attention. It is the polite and professional way to end your job application letter.

What are the Parts of Job Application Letter?

Simply, here the lists of parts inside of Job Application Letter, those are:

  1. Header
  2. Date, Month and Year
  3. Recipient’s Information
  4. Salutation
  5. Main Letter
  6. Closing Salutation
  7. Name and Signature

Well, it is all about Application Letter Tips, Format and smart ways to engage the recruiter’s attention. Now, it is your turn to practice the ways and write your own Job Application Letter. It is glad to hear your feedback so please put your comment below. Thanks for reading and have a good day!