Review for Webex Costs, Packages, Features

Full Review for Webex Costs, Packages, Features

Today, companies use advanced video conferencing technology to carry high-quality virtual meetings and presentations. Location is not any longer important. You can use today’s advanced, efficient and reliable tools. Webex for example. Now, you must be curious to know Webex Costs.

What is Webex and How Much Webex Costs?

Webex by CISCO is another good way to carry meetings and hold conferences online. With this high-tech software, you’ll organize events, webinars and video conferences. Webex Meeting Center offers a spread of services that make it easy for businesses to speak. it has been operational since 1995. So, you’ll rest assured that this online web conferencing tool will provide a reliable and cost-effective service.

Full Review of Webex Costs, Call Rates, and Plans

The Webex Cloud telephone system is out there on three of the five overall Webex plans. The chart below from the Webex Costs monthly per page outlines the plan above. Annual rates also are available at a tenth discount. Meet+Call Plans aren’t included within the Webex pricing table. Here, they are doing include all the features and functions based on the decision Plan and Meet Plan combined into one.

Webex Costs Meet plan is at $15.00/user per month. It allows voice calls between current Webex customers and is primarily employed by businesses that only need enhanced video meeting features. The three packages that contain full Webex Cloud Calling functionality are:

  • Webex Costs Calling Plan for $17.00/user per month
  • Webex Costs Meet+Call plan for $25.00/user per month
  • Webex Costs Enterprise Plan (bidding-based custom pricing)

Webex Costs Compared to Others

Webex Calling and Webex Costs

Webex Costs Calls and Meetings plan could seem very attractive, especially in comparison to other available phone systems. After all, Webex’s most elementary plan is out there at a mean cost of under $20.00/user per month VoIP telephone system. It offers a free Basic version that permits video calls and meetings. You can use it up to 100 users with other Webex users.

Evaluating Important Webex Calling Features

Webex Costs section above provides an summary of the quality Webex business telephone system features. The features are:

  • call parking
  • telephone
  • unlimited local, and domestic long, and long distance calls
  • don’t Disturb.

Webex Call Flow Design

Call flow design is a staple feature of any VoIP phone system. Webex takes them to the next level with an easy-to-configure as well as feature-rich IVR system. In the Webex Call Administrator Portal, (CAP) admins can:

  • Create up to 10,000 total call plan lines
  • Choose a specific location for each auto attendant
  • 10 language options
  • Enable simultaneous ringing
  • Set daily work hours call lines, after hours call lines and holiday call lines
  • Set customized or default greetings
  • Assign unique caller ID name per call menu
  • Create a call menu that allows incoming callers to make calls by name, extension, department, connected to operator
  • Assign call hunting group agents to respond to calls made to specific phone numbers/extensions
  • Activate priority alerts from VIP phone numbers or calls received on a specific date/time
  • Choose from call routing options, such as top-down sequence, weighted call routing, longest idle time, or circular round-robin routing
  • Set the number of rings before the call is forwarded or transferred to another agent
  • Direct calls to shared or individual voicemail if all agents are busy

Conference Call

Webex calling allows up to 6 participants to meet for a telephone audio conference. Higher conference calling capacities are supported by the audio-only feature of Webex Meetings. You can connect with up to 200 participants and stream 25 screens simultaneously. Other conference calling features include:

  • Toll-free dial-in access
  • Call-Me. audio conferencing access
  • No download required
  • Private Meeting Room for audio and video conferencing (unique URL, on-demand and pre-scheduled meetings)
  • Ability to play music during meetings
  • List of meeting participants
  • Mute/unmute speaker


Webex offers basic voicemail functionality. It allows users to listen to voicemails on mobile and desktop devices directly in the Webex app and within the call history log. Webex sends text and email voicemail notifications. But, it does not allow users to listen to MP3 or MP4 voicemail recordings directly in email or text inboxes. Webex Calling does not provide voicemail transcription.

Call Recording

Unfortunately, Webex really misses the point when it comes to call recording. While chat messages and audio and video recordings of video meetings are available, as of this writing, call recording for voice calls is not available as a native feature.

Webex Cloud Call Security

Webex holds very high VoIP security and encryption standards. It is taking a multi-level approach to protecting user data. It works through application and data center security including Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle.