How to Make a Simple Concept Map Template?

There are a lot of ways for us to easily understanding a material, ideas or topic. One of them is creating a concept map. For some learners, this method helps them to organize the concept of a topic of lesson, get some important points and ease to memorize the difficult meanings. Then, you should not worry because the world has changed so fast including the field of technology. You will find numerous apps which offer you a simple concept map template as well as the media to create it digitally.

But, do you know that the basic hand-writing concept map is more powerful? Then, you did it! You can create any types of concept map template within a minute with the simplest tools you have at home. You are able to read then every time and every where you are and of course it is really helpful your learning process. Anyway, we are going to discuss about Concept Map Template right now. Just be sure that you have been ready with your writing tools and enjoy reading!

What is Concept Map Template?

Great! We start the discussion with the ideas of concept map. Basically, concept map is a general method that can be used to help any individuals or groups to describe or show their ideas about some topic in a pictorial way or form. The media is limitless while you can create it online or offline, through your paper or paperless. The more important is you have to understand the purpose of the concept map. Meanwhile, Concept Map Template is a type of form of concept map that is used based on your situation. The statement or points is changeable based on what you need.

What are the Types of Concept Map Template?

There are three types of concept mapping. Those are Concept Mapping, Mental Mapping and Concept Webbing. Even, all of them is same in general that they show the results in a pictures and that is a someone’s ideas.

What are Key Features of Concept Map?

There are some key features that you should not miss when you create a concept map. And, to make a good map, at least it must consist of these things:

  • Concept

Concepts are described as “perceived regularities or styles in occasions or objects, or data of occasions or objects, distinct via way of means of a label” and are depicted as shapes within side by side of the diagram.

  • Linking Words

Linking words or terms are placed at the traces connecting items in a idea map, and those phrases describe the connection among standards.

  • Propositional Structure

Essentially, an idea map visually conveys a fixed of propositions approximately a sure topic.

  • Hierarchical Structure

The hierarchical structure and inclusive standards are located on the pinnacle of a idea map with the extra precise and specific standards organized hierarchically below.

  • Focus Questions

A recognition query defines the problem or hassle the idea map wishes to solve. Developing a focal point query permits you to layout with a context in thoughts and consequently facilitates manual and hold the path of your idea map.

  • Parking Lot

You need to establish a rank ordered listing from the maximum well-known idea to the maximum precise. This listing is called a parking lot, as you’ll flow the objects into the map as you parent out in which they suit in.

  • Cross-links

Cross-hyperlinks are relationships among standards in one of a kind domain names of the idea map, permitting you to visualize how thoughts inside those one of a kind domain names are connected. Both the cross-hyperlinks and the hierarchical shape facilitate innovative thinking, and those cross-hyperlinks frequently suggest moments of creativity.

How to Create a Simple Concept Map Template?

Alright, you have known the purposes and types of concept map. Now, you are ready to create your simple concept map and enlarge your competences by this form. And, here the steps you can do:

  • Step 1# Pick a Topic

First of all, it is important to create a topic of ideas. It could be a question, issue’s statements, a word or facts. For example, you are interested to make a concept map about Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

  • Step 2# Do Brainstorming

Second of all, you can write down all things in your minds when you think about SEO. It could be facts, concepts, ideas, themes, queries, data and many more. For example, you may think about what, why, how, outreach, tips, keyword, and content marketing. Let’s take one of the topics of brainstorm. Let say, it is why. It means why you use an SEO, then you can continue to brainstorm your ideas with the purposes of SEO like as for analysis, MozRank, and responsive design of the concept you have.

  • Step 3# Start to Draw a Map

It’s prescribed to begin an idea map from the top and create it descending, despite the fact that you can put down your point at the inside and grow it outwards. Whichever way ensure that the focal point stands apart from the rest. You can utilize a greater hub, an alternate shading and so on.

  • Step 4# Connect the Concept

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to interface what you have conceptualized to the focal theme and to one another. Keep in mind, the more significant the thought, the closer it ought to be to the top or the inside.

As you recognize these associations put down the connecting words or expressions to demonstrate the connection between the two ideas you are connecting. When the immediate associations between ideas have been recognized, search for cross-links that interface together ideas from various zones or areas.

  • Step 5# Analysing the Mistakes

Just make sure that you have not missed any single things on your concept map. And, please ensure that the relationship that you have just made is make sense.

Well, it is all about concept map template. We hope you can make your map template as soon as you have read our information. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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