Create Your Professional Biodata

What is Biodata Template?

You know that a bio data is it a document consists of your personal information about your education, background of Life, contribution, working experiences, and etcetera. Mostly people use bio-data for business purposes. 

For example, you are going to apply for a job application, somehow you will need to submit your biodata. At glance, your biodata template may look similar to your curriculum vitae. What makes them different is the goal and the style. The goal of biodata here is to tell your personal life and you can use it for other purposes beyond the job application. Meanwhile, the goal of your curriculum vitae is to ensure the Human Resource team that you are eligible for the job company. Talking about the style, somehow a biodata can be created using a non formal writing style. But, it all depends on the goal and the audience of the document. 

In conclusion, you can say that a biodata has a purpose to show a valid and reliable data to predict someone’s future performance based on the applicant’s past performance. Here, a good biodata instrument is legally defendable and it is different from the interview. In this case, your bio is not susceptible to error regarding to biases. Yes, you can say that biodata has proven that its worth in personnel selection because it is a cost-effective as well.

How to Make a Biodata Using Biodata Templates?

For information, general templates for biodata are similar. Here, you should divide the document into some parts such as a summary, skill, work experience, and edification. Here can start to follow the sequenced steps such as:

  • Step 1: Choose the Best Biodata Template on Your Version

Alright, first of all you will need to start using the best bio-data templates. As you all can see, there are two types of bio-data you can choose whether it is the formal or informal one. When you just the bio template, you should have known because of the document. indeed, there are some samples of the templates that you can choose. For example, you can choose the one with a pass photo, the one with your name is the header, or the one with bullet points. In this time, we are going to provide the combination of this tree templates. Let’s check this out!

  • Step 2: Start Mind Mapping the Points of Your Personal Information

Now, you can start going deeper by creating a mind mapping first. You know, he cannot mention every single point that happens to your life. Here, you should consider putting the information that matches to your goals only. For example, if you want to apply for a video editor position you don’t need to put your life story about being a teacher or other jobs experience that don’t have correlation to your goal. Instead, you can just put what is needed to be a good video editor. For for specifically, you can mention your personality is about editing skills, teamwork, knowledge, and contribution related to video editing.

  • Step 3: Compose the Header of Your Biodata

As you all can see, the first part to complete is the header of the document. Mostly, modern people nowadays use their full name as the header. Well, you can do the same as using the title of Biodata as the header is out of date. And then, you can also add your contact information such as your email address, phone number, LinkedIn account, and so on. Everything looks neat if you use the template in arranging your contacts writing format. Anyway, in order to attract the audience, you can also attach your pass photo at the left side of the header. When you attach the photo, you should make sure it is good looking, formal or semi formal, but not informal one. For the shape of the photo, you can make it circle, oval, square, or rectangle. It is all up to you to choose the best photo shape on your version.

  • Step 4: Write the Summary Section

Write down the summary part. In this case, you can create one paragraph that consists of your personal information at glance. In other words, summary year as the conclusion of your personal information. You can also start mentioning your ability related to the job application. But, if you do it not because of the job application, you can start putting information about your characters that make you different from any other else. So, the audience will be able to see who you are from the summary part.

  • Step 5: Write the Skills Section

The next step, you can start writing your skills related to video editing. Not to mention, you can insert your both hard skills and soft skills. The hard skills here related to your capability in operating video editing applications or softwares. Meanwhile, the soft skills here is your personality that may be helpful when you are hired in the job position. In case of the soft skills, you can mention that you can pay attention to details, can work under pressure, work in teams, have integrity, look on time, perfectionist, creative, and also professional when you work alone.

  • Step 6: Insert Working Experiences Part

Well, you can make your biodata more professional by adding your job experiences. Again, you need to remember that adding the relevant job experiences is necessary. You can mention those which have the same field in video editor or similar. But, if you do not have one, you can add your current job experiences. In case you mention no related job experiences to the same job field you apply, you may need to enrich the information about your education. In this case, you may find it necessary to input some trainings, workshops, and internships in the field of the job vacancy you apply.

  • Step 7: Add Educational Background

And, you can put your educational background as the closing part of your document. Here, the traditional template may require you to input the entire educational background starting from kindergarten to the university level or reverse. But, it becomes out of date. Here, you just need to put the ones that have relation to the job vacancy you apply. If you are applying for a video editor position, you can mention your degree in graphic design or other multimedia fields. You can also mention additional education such as training, workshop, certificates, and so on. Those will increase your personal branding in being a good candidate for the job position. For better details, you can state the date or period of your education.

Overall, it is the whole information that you can take when it comes to Biodata Template. Now, you have got everything you need for biodata writing practices. Indeed, you don’t need to always be strict to the templates you use. You can also try to modify the content or the format based on your preference. So, enjoy practicing and good luck with your brighter career!

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